Wren Legal is a contemporary, boutique Australian immigration law advisory based in Australia with global clients.

Its mission is to provide superior service; bespoke and straightforward Australian immigration law advice to individuals and organisations wishing to move themselves/their families or their employees to Australia from overseas and who want a personalised service.

Wren Legal is not a migration agency or an ‘old school’ law firm. It was established on the basis that Australian immigration law does not operate in a vacuum; in order to get the best results, legal advice is provided with commercial acumen and a focus on individual clients’ circumstances.

You hire me to make your life easier.

Whether you’re an Australian business recruiting talent from overseas or an individual wanting to make the move to/remain in Australia, having been through the process myself, I appreciate how stressful, complex and overwhelming the rules, processes and logistics are.

I do not provide generic advice, nor do I charge a fixed fee for managing your matter. Everyone’s circumstances, objectives and budgets are different and I provide estimates of costs based on the combination of these factors to give my clients the best possible prospect of success.


Wren Legal offers a range of immigration law advice and assistance customised to your particular circumstances. The following is a summary of some of visas & situations I advise on.

For the full range, click ‘Learn More’ directly below or to discuss your particular situation, please use the Contact form to make an appointment.

Deciding to relocate to another country can be a difficult and intimidating life choice.
It can also be a great adventure.

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Read my story and all about I came to immigrate to Australia myself…

About me & my immigration story


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To get in touch, please fill in the form below, including a short message about your situation.

I will get back to you with details of how we can proceed, as soon as possible.

To review the process in more detail, please click here.


    There are quite a few important differences which are important to consider, depending on your circumstances. Click here to learn what they are.

    Great question. Generally, people hire professionals for one or more of three main reasons: (1) they are knowledge/skill poor; (2) they are time poor; and/or (3) they are motivation poor. During our initial consultation, we will touch on the above and, if I believe you have the knowledge/ability to manage your matter by yourself, I will tell you so that you’re not incurring expenses you may not want/need to. However, I will also discuss the benefits of hiring a lawyer, especially if your matter is contentious, involves a visa cancellation or other serious immigration issue or there is any other complexity that increases the risk of an unfavourable outcome in your case. To read more, click here.

    Yes! Lawyers can work on any kind of matter, be it a straightforward visa application or a litigated, protracted matter before the courts.

    An initial consultation, (up to an hour discussing your matter on the phone) plus written advice confirming your situation, advising on your options and my professional view as to the best way to proceed following, is $550.00 + GST. To read more about the initial consultation fee and what’s included, click here.

    Initial Consultation > Provision of Written Advice > You decide how you’d like to proceed & if you’d like my assistance > You provide me your instructions > We get started!

    For more detail on the process, including as to costs, click here.

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